Gerald Mullery for State Representative

On The Issues

Since first being elected in November 2010, Jerry has focused on the issues most important to the people of the 119th Legislative District: the creation of family sustaining jobs, quality public education, access to affordable health care, safe neighborhoods, low taxes, and common sense environmental protections.

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

Jerry believes our economy should strengthen our region and work for every Pennsylvanian. His voting record establishes his commitment to meeting the challenges of the 21st century by spurring job creation, rebuilding our infrastructure, investing in clean-energy technologies and small businesses. Working with his local, state, and federal partners, Jerry has spearheaded unparalleled business development in the South Valley, Mountain Top, and Greater Hazleton areas bringing thousands of family-sustaining wage jobs to his district.


Jerry knows that every child, no matter who they are, how much their families earn, or where they live, should have access to a high-quality education, from preschool through high school and beyond. Jerry has fought for adequate investment in our public schools and the expansion of our highly successful Pre-K and early childhood education programs. As Democratic Chair of the Subcommittee on Career and Technical Education, Jerry understands not every student is college-bound and he helped shepherd a bi-partisan, eight bill package focused on career readiness to the Governor.

Health Care

Jerry understands how important access to health care is to his constituency. Once again, his voting record evidences his constant fight to expand coverage, protect those with pre-existing conditions, and reduce health care and prescription drug costs. Jerry has stood shoulder to shoulder with our health care professionals and supported protections for our front line heroes.

Drug and alcohol addiction is prevalent in our region, especially for those struggling with opioids. Jerry supports vast expansion of access to prevention and treatment programs, supporting recovery, helping community organizations, and promoting better practices by prescribers. “We must do more to educate our youth, as well as their families, teachers, coaches, mentors, and friends, to intervene early to prevent drug and alcohol abuse and addiction.”

Jerry understands we must treat mental health issues with the same care and seriousness that we treat issues of physical health. We must support a robust mental health workforce, and promote better integration of the behavioral and general health care systems.

Additionally, given the COVID-19 impact on our nursing homes and long-term care facilities, Jerry supports efforts that emphasize independence and will take steps to strengthen and expand the home care workforce, give seniors and people with disabilities access to quality, affordable long-term care, services, and supports, and ensure that all of these resources are readily available at home or in the community.

Safe Neighborhoods

Jerry has a demonstrated record of commitment to working with our local law enforcement agencies and public safety officials to ensure they have the tools necessary to keep our homes and families as safe. Jerry has always been humbled by the endorsements he has received from the Fraternal Order of Police, professional and volunteer firefighter organizations, and Pennsylvania State Corrections Officers Association.


Crippling property taxes have always been one of the most pressing issues facing residents of the 119th Legislative District and Northeastern Pennsylvania. Jerry is one of ten prime sponsors (5 Democrat & 5 Republican) of HB 76, The Property Tax Independence Act, which seeks to revise the way Pennsylvania’s public schools are funded and eliminate school property taxes.

For more information on The Property Tax Independence Act, please click the following link:

Environmental Protection

Jerry has been consistently recognized as an “Environmental Champion” by Pennsylvania’s four largest citizen-based environmental advocacy groups, Conservation Voters of Pennsylvania, Penn Environment, Sierra Club, and Clean Water Action. An avid outdoorsman, Jerry understands without clean water and fresh air nothing else matters.


Our physical infrastructure is the backbone of our economy, impacting how we get to work and school, how much groceries cost at the store, the size of our water and sewer bills, and so much more. The availability and quality of infrastructure determines where companies locate and where jobs are created. In short, we depend on our infrastructure every single day. Jerry has always had his constituent’s wallets in mind when it’s come to infrastructure improvement. He voted against the burdensome gas tax and introduced legislation to hold utility companies responsible for timely repairing and resurfacing our roads upon completion of construction or upgrades. Additionally, Jerry drafted legislation compelling utility companies to maintain their physical structures and mandate removal of “ghost poles” contributing negatively to our community commercial areas.

The Rain Tax

Just when northeastern Pennsylvanians thought they had been taxed to the limit, we received a “storm water runoff fee” on our sewer bills. Jerry understands the frustration of his neighbors and constituents and has spoken with federal officials about legislation to eliminate or fund their mandate. He has worked with colleagues on both sides of the aisle in an attempt to create a state solution to this federal problem.

Engaging the Next Generation

From his time as a coach in the Newport Biddy Basketball League, Greater Nanticoke Area Youth Soccer Organization, Newport Little League, and Good Shepherd Academy Athletic Association, Jerry has recognized the importance of involving our younger citizens in the decisions that affect their future. Jerry has organized a “Youth Advisory Council” comprised of students from the high schools in his legislative district. Jerry’s Council has met with him during multiple roundtables to discuss issues important to them, traveled to Harrisburg to observe government in action, and met with government and business leaders from throughout the district.